Services and features

Here a list of features and the differents licenses types of PSA-ECOMMERCE.COM


Simple installation If you opt for the domain name licence, follow our simple guide with the indicated steps.
Orders management Research and manage your orders. View the pending order in one click.
Categories and Sub-Categories management Add, edit and disable categories and / or sub-categories. You can create an infinite level of subcategories, and optionnally add a picture and description. You can also attach a product to multiple category or subcategory.
Products management Add, edit and disable products. The thumbnails are automaticly generated.
Employees management Add, edit and disable employees that have access to the administration of your commerce.
Taxs management Add, edit and disable taxes. You can add multiples taxes and they are applied on the member billing address.
Registration management Manage registrations quickly and easily, configure how your member should activate their account: by email and / or manually by an employee.
Currency support Supporting canadian and american currency.
Bilingual support Supporting english and french language
Pricing levels The system supports four pricing types / members types : Regular customers, Resellers, Stores and Distributors
Member Discount Give your member a percentage discount on their order sub-total.
Cross Sales Raise your sales by showing cross related products, in special products and random products.
Online Shipping Rate Supports CanadaPost eParcel and UPS Online Tools for online shipping rate.
Offline Shipping Rate Supports other shipping methods by allowing you to enter the shipping fees and informations yourself if needed.
Online Payments Let your members pay you with their credit card, safely with PayPal. They don't even need to register with PayPal to pay and complete their order.
Offline Payments Let your members pay you with alternative methods.
Member page : Search engine Let your members do searches and quickly find the products they are looking for.
Member page : Product catalog Let your members navigate your products like a catalog by categories and sub-categories.
Member page : My Account Let your members update their information, email address and password themself, saving you time.
Member page : My History Let your members view their order history, saving you time.
Member page : Contact-Us Let your members know how to contact you and let them send you a message directly from the website without having to use emails.
Member page : News Let you members know when there something new in your company or if you release a new products. The members news are perfect for that.
Audits system Be informed by email when some specifics events happen.
Browser support Tested and developed under Internet Explorer and FireFox, this ensures you that the site will display properly, on 99.5% of the world computers.

Monthly rental

This service offer you to take care of almost everything if you do not want the hassle of having headache with complicated webhosting servers, monthly backups and all kind of others subscriptions. All that you need is your domain name, your paypal account if desired and your UPS and / or CanadaPost authentification / access creditentials informations and you are then ready to make business on the Web like a pro !

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Domain name license

This service offer you the capacity of running yourself the commerce on any server that support PHP and the IonCube Loader technology. Offering you all the basic features and the advanced ones, this service permit an enterprise to manage and optimize the commerce without paying web hosting fee for very large scale store and get a better security over your commerce compared to a shared server. The generated license will work with one domain or one subdomain and will be valid for one hundred years.

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